The sowing elements are fixed to the support bar by a screw. This allows changing the distance between the seeding elements (ie between rows) very quickly.


Each sowing element is equipped with parallelogram, so each row is independent of the others. This allows to adapt oneself to the ground and to ensure a constant sowing depth.


The seeding depth is given by a rocker arm system that connects the front wheel to the rear wheel; their short distance ensures the homogeneity even in soils not perfectly prepared and in the case of small seeds.


The spring acting on the parallelogram guarantees the adherence of each element to the ground and is adjustable; this allows you to adjust the weight of each sowing element (for example, if the soil is humid it will require less pressure, if the ground is not fine it will require more pressure).


SPX 2015 is provided with a seed distributor formed by an alveolate aluminium disk that is prepared on precise application of the client. It can sow all kinds of cereals, legumes, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic herbs, both naked and pelleted seed.


The SPX 2015 model has the same features of the SP 2012 model, but it has the ability to have 15 seed spacing. It is therefore the most complete and more professional version.


SPX 2015 is a drill particularly suitable for the sowing of onion.



Technical data

Frame and wheel track width: optional

Minimum distance between rows: 17 cm

Weight of 1 piece: 16 kg

Length: 110 cm


SPX 2015