SP 94

Modular drill created to meet the needs of different horticulturists.


Indeed, there is the possibility to adapt the machine to the precision sowing (carrot, chicory, lettuce, radish, spinach, valerian, etc.) or for sowing continuous rows (cutting cultivations as salad, cultivated rocket, wild rocket, etc.).


The machine was built to carry out in a single operation first rolling, sowing and second rolling to cover the seed: in this way you will reduce greatly the processing time.


The rollers mounted on the motor hoe, in addition to allowing the progress even in the most difficult soil, perform the important function to level and compress the ground, ensuring a constant depth for all the sowing elements.


For a quick recovery of the remained seed, the drill is equipped with portable vacuum cleaner with rechargeable battery.


Finally, there is a version of the machine designed for the towed tractor called SP 94 T. This machine is custom built, both as width of sowing and the number of rows. Each seed element can have the single or double furrower cm 7. The use of the drill is varied: SP 94 T is used to sow lettuce in pill, pack choi, radish, rocket and valerian.




Technical data

Minimum distance between rows: 

with single furrow opener 14 cm / with double furrow opener 7 cm

Weight: 200 kg

Length: 180 cm

Height: 100 cm

Width: 120/130 cm

SP 94 - standard 6 lines

SP 94 - 4 elements example

SP 94 T