SM 2000

The Bassi company, involved for over 70 years in the construction of mechanical precision seeders, has now developed a new electronic drill, SM 2000, which has extended its range of products and guarantees to horticulturists great versatility and ease of use.


No more damaged seeds: SM 2000 is the first drill produced in Italy to use a cone of sponge, which regulates the distribution of seeds of different calibers, avoiding them any possible damage and distributing them evenly.


Ease of use: the movement of the sponge is transmitted by an electric motor at 12 V: varying the speed of this motor with a comfortable control, you can adjust the amount of seed in output. It is possible to sow from 1 to 1000 kg / Ha. This operation is so simple that it does not require the intervention of specialized operators.


Great speed of use: in just one minute you can empty cylinders that contain the seeds, fill them with a different variety and resume seeding.


Extreme versatility: the drill is produced in several versions, self-propelled or towed. Each version can be supplied with dimensions on request as regards both the total width of the drill and the distance between rows (cm 3-6, 5-10, 7-14, 8-16) and the number of the rows. Even the seed depth is easily adjustable, ensuring always extreme precision.


There is also a variant of this model called electromechanical. The system of the sponge and the seed distribution remains unchanged; the only difference is that the amount of the seed is set manually by acting on a mechanical variator. This provides greater ease of use.


Finally, for the towed model, we have a completely mechanical and very practical version, free of maintenance and especially suitable for large areas in the open field.




Technical data SM 2000


Weight: 220 kg

Working width: 94 cm

Length: 170 cm

Width: 115 cm

Height: 130 cm



Weight: variable, according to working width and the number of heads requested

Working width: on request

Length: 140 cm

Width: optional

Height: 140 cm