Precision drill for vegetables SM

SM Bassi is a modular drill designed to meet all the needs of horticulturists: it is in fact possible to apply one or more elements behind your own rotary cultivator or behind your motor hoe to sow all kinds of cereals, legumes, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic herbs, both naked and pelleted seed.


It is a precision machine, as the seed distributor is made from an alveolate aluminium disk that ensures the fall of one seed at a time. The disc is prepared according to sowing distances required by the farmer.


It's also possible to have our machine with a double furrower cm 7 wide for particular sowing (carrot, lettuce, radish, rocket).


SM Bassi is entirely built with aluminium, steel and plastic material of high resistance to ensure you long life and a constant quality of sowing in time.


Technical Data

Length: 50 cm

Width: 14 cm

Weight: 8 kg

Minimum distance between the sowing rows: 15 cm

Minimum distance between the sowing rows

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