Our story


Bassi Seminatrici has been operating with the precision mechanical seeders since 50 years, during which we developed several technical innovations to improve the quality of seeding, always putting in first place the simplicity of operation and maintenance of our machines.


Being a small company, Bassi Seminatrici is not limited to offer a standardized product, but is able to meet any particular request or requirement of the customers. Our seeders can sow all kinds of vegetables, medicinal and aromatic herbs.​

In recent years, in addition to working as usual for the domestic market, Bassi Seminatrici has had a significant increase in requests even from foreign countries; today our reality can be found all over the world.

Our Philosophy


"We work closely with our customers.

The simplicity and effectiveness of direct communication ensures a professional relationship of quality and durability".

Gianluca Bassi


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