Combining the precision of our mechanical seeding element maintaining constant seeding depth with the ease of operation of the drill heads with sponges SM 2000, we have created a drill fast in the work and precise in the distribution of the seed.


This machine is especially suitable for large areas where you can sow basil, chard, chicory, coriander, herbs, parsley, rocket, spinach.


The seeding depth is adjustable in each element through a quick and convenient knob; in each seeding element it is possible to adjust the pressure spring in parallelogram according to your needs.


If the seed element is single-row, the minimum distance between the rows is cm 15.

If you request a closer distance, you can provide the sowing element of a double furrower and having cm 9 or 10 distance from the rows.



With micro granulator

Ibrido Herbex micro (31).jpg