Hand Drill


The Hand Drill Bassi is a high precision machine provided with a seed distributor formed by an alveolate aluminium disk that is prepared on precise application of the client. It can sow all kinds of cereals, legumes, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic herbs, both naked and pelleted seed. The rear wheel with a transmission pinion, crown and chain gives the movement of the seed distributor. The machine is provided with a chain tightener, and you can change the crown and then vary the distance of the sowing row without affecting the seed distributor.


The steel handles of the drill are independent from the machine: this allows the operator to tilt them according to his height, without compromising the accuracy of the sowing depth. The latter is adjustable through the front wheel by means of a practical knob.


There is also, on the front wheel, a spring of adjustable pressure that allows compressing the ground according to the seeding’s requirements.


The rear wheel is PVC high strength, material on which the earth will stick with greater difficulty, and is provided with waterproofing ball bearings for a great durability.


The Hand Drill Bassi also has a practical row marker.


It's also possible to have our machine with a double furrower cm 7 wide for particular sowing (carrot, lettuce, radish, rocket).


We have built our drill with quality material (aluminium, steel and plastic material of high resistance) to ensure long life and a constant quality of sowing in time.


Technical Data

Length: 150 cm

Width: 58 cm

Weight: 12 kg

Chain Tightener


Hand Drill

Knob for depth's adjustment

Spring for pressure's adjustment

Row marker