SP 2012

Mechanical precision seeder

Modular seeder designed to work on small and medium surfaces; it is able to satisfy every sowing need and adapts to all types of soil. It is equipped with a simplified 5-speed gearbox to vary the sowing distance on the row.
It allows you to follow the course of the ground and keep the sowing depth constant.
Seed hopper
Capacity: 7,5 L.
Availability of applying an oversized hopper.
Rear wheel
It gives the movement to the seeding disc. Possibility to apply a flex rubber wheel to work in wet soils.
Three-point hitch
Also suitable for small tractors.
Frame size
Weight of a sowing element
16 kg
Minimum distance between the rows
18 cm
Cambio a 5 velocità
It allows to change the sowing distance on the row without changing the disc, making the work faster.
Grate ease of use
Customized spare parts
Guarantee after-sales assistance

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