Hybrid seeder

precision seeder

The most versatile seeder on the market: it allows you to adjust the quantity of seed/m2 with extreme precision and guarantees a working speed three times higher than other seeders.
seminatrice ibrida
Patented seed distribution system
It consists of a sowing head + a sponge which by turning causes the seed to fall without damaging it.
Sowing element
Consisting of a parallelogram, Coulter and sowing depth regulator, for optimal results.
It allows you to adjust the kg seeds/ha with extreme precision. It is available in the mechanical or electronic version.
Frame size
Weight of a sowing element
15 kg
Minimum distance between the rows
15 cm
Rullo anteriore
Lascia il terreno perfettamente livellato per la raccolta meccanica.

Questa seminatrice ha rivoluzionato la semina della IV gamma, perché permette di seminare diverse colture da taglio con estrema precisione, riducendo in maniera considerevole i tempi di lavoro.

Grate ease of use
Customized spare parts
Guarantee after-sales assistance

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