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Bassi Seminatrici, founded by Gino Bassi in the 1950s, has always been specialized in building agricultural sowing machines. In the 1980s, under the direction of Gianluca Bassi, Gino’s son, we have consolidated our specialization in building linear precision planting machines developing our years of know how and building sowing machines resistant to time and usage, which have versatile application and customized to our clients’ needs all around the world. Recently both nieces of the founder, Carlotta e Margherita Bassi, have joined the head of the company with the sole aim of launching it towards the future and carrying on our tradition and promise:

With BASSI SEMINATRICI the more you sowing the more you will earn!

The linear precision sowing is convenient!

Our specialization in linear precision planting allows us create seeding machines which help our clients optimize the timing and quantity of sowing and harvesting , offsetting the adverse effects of broadcast sowing in favour of linear precision planting. The client will have a product which grows in half of time and of the same size, this avoids trampling the product in growth and harvesting it grown.

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